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Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters (1)

Therapy process

1)Make sure the patient lies comfortably on the operating table
and wears glasses, also required for all people in the treatment room.
The operator can have very convenient access to the treatment area,
as well as the instruments
2)Remove perfumes, makeup residues, and sunscreen on the
3)Check the handle and determine that the handle cooling
4)Apply the gel to the treatment area;
Move the handle perpendicular to and in contact with the skin,
and stroke gently on the skin


1)The morphology of skin color and hair follicles (erythema or
edema) in the treatment area should be viewed from time to time
during the treatment. Even if the set parameters are appropriate,
you will also smell the smell of hair burning;
2)If the side effects occur before the hair follicle responds well,
the treatment parameters should be adjusted in time to reduce the
injury of the treatment;
3)If the skin has no adverse reactions or any morphological
changes, increase the energy by 5-10% until the desired effect is

Treatment Principle

The freezing point is based on the principle of selectivephotothermal dynamics, by reasonably adjusting the laserwavelength, energy and pulse width enabling the light through thesurface of the skin to the root hair follicle, is absorbed andtransformed into the thermal energy destroying the hair follicletissue, thus making the hair lose the ability to regenerate. Extreme freezing point hair removal system adopts unique freezing protection, can make local epidermis cool to 5 degrees Celsius, just as in summer, ice snow floating to, feel cool; overcome the side effects of early hair removal cold touch color light, skin damage,heavy equipment, complex operation and other shortcomings. Atthe same time, do not damage the surrounding tissue, painless, is
the current safe, fast, long-term hair removal technology.


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