What is Emsculpt?

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is the newest advanced muscle building and weight loss technology. It uses pulsed electromagnetic wave technology. The procedure is painless, non-surgical, and no downtime.

Emsculpt introduction

No one is quite perfect; ideally, everyone is beautiful the way they are. Do you ever feel all the time as if you have not achieved your physique goals?

The truth is with busy schedules, family matters, and work commitments; sometimes, we do not have time for getting the best and healthy physique. Now that some time is not a problem, the trouble comes when we all are living in a society that has an ideal healthy body, this generally pressures everyone since you even become your critic.

However, everyone is great and unique with their body despite how it looks, but sometimes when you look at your image in the mirror loving your body becomes difficult.

Sometimes we try working out and doing exercise, but there are specific parts that are trouble zones in terms of tones. For example, sometimes, no matter how much squat or crunches you do, some parts like the thighs, buttocks, and lower belly become challenging to tone.

However, what if there is a solution to unnecessary fat removal without going through those muscle aching and tiresome abs workouts?

A method that can help you to get rid of all unnecessary plateaus from your body and improve your fitness ridiculously fast and in a sweat-free manner. This is now where we enlighten you on a high-tech released treatment known as emsculpt.

The method performs a body sculpting miracle, and it’s backed up by research and science. However, to find out more about emsculpt read till the end, the article will feed you with every information you need to know.

Muscle building machine definition

Emsculpt is an FDA energy in office machine which got approved for burning built muscle mass and fat. However, this is a new high technology device, which is first of its kind. The device uses high intensive focused electromagnetic energy to contour the body and to enhance muscle contractions.

The device has the expertise of creating a metabolic reaction that activates the break down of fat and strengthening the muscles. It’s a non-invasive, on-surgical, pain-free, and a no-downtime process, which in return lifts your buttocks firmly and defines your abs.

The emsculpt device consists of two applicators that would be used either simultaneously or individually on either the buttock or the abdomen. This device is powerful, and it surpasses possible physical training in terms of enhancing fat metabolism and getting better-toned abs and muscles.

The device is unique, and it stands out since it has the capability of addressing both fat burn and muscle toning at the same time. The device has been backed up by several pieces of research and about seven clinical studies showing its effectiveness in sculpted and defined muscles to the buttocks lifting.

How do Emsculpt works?

Emsculpt is a bit diverse, and it performs uniquely, and it’s the opposite of intense work out that is basing on involvement. The treatment isn’t restricted in any kind of dressing, meaning no gym clothes. You are only required to lie down on a bed, and the emsculpt paddles can go through directly on your skin or lightweight clothes; the treatment takes approximately thirty minutes.

At the beginning of the procedure, the emsculpt is set low, and as it gradually increases depending on the patient’s tolerance. Emsculpt treatment is quite productive and efficient as it induces about 20000 supramaximal contractions, this is equal to performing 20,000 squats or crunches in just thirty minutes.

During the first session, most patients can reach a hundred percent intensity; however, during each intensity increase, there must be a resting phase. During the mode of the resting stage, the device cleanses lactic acid from your muscles to facilitate muscle strengthening gain with no pain incurrence.

After the treatment period is over, that is the thirty minutes session; you go home without any redness, no downtime, and no swelling in your skin. But you will go back with super more muscular muscle fibers in than you came in just a short period.

Results of the Emsculpt

Research and studies have proved the effectiveness of this device. BTL, the founder and manufacturer of the emsculpt, performed several analyses about seven of them using about two hundred patients on the buttocks and abdomen. The studies prove that emsculpt works in building muscle mass and burning fat. Researchers used MRI studies and CT scans before and after the treatment to measure muscles and fat, and they compared the images and also took measurements in the waistline changes.

Below are the results that got achieved from healthy patients in clinical studies:

  • they found that after treatment, the fat reduced with nineteen percent.
  • After the treatment, approximately eighty percent of the patient’s buttocks lifting was visible.
  • Patients had noticeably increased muscle mass by sixteen percent.
  • After the treatment, the patient waistline circumference reduced by four centimeters.
  • Patient fat metabolism after the treatment increased five times.
  • The patient’s abdominal muscles separated reduced by eleven percent after the treatment.

People are different in most aspects, but approximately ninety-six percent of the patients were satisfied with the results which thy received after undergoing emsculpt treatment.

How long does the treatment take?

Every treatment has a stipulated period which it can approximately take. Therefore for an emsculpt treatment session may take half an hour for one part of the body. However, if you are undergoing multiple body organs treatment processes, each body part will require a thirty-minute treatment session. The whole procedure endorses four emsculpt processed within two weeks, and for an optimal result, the sessions should be 2-3 days apart.

What exactly does Emsculpt feel?

The feeling is precisely not explainable until you feel it for yourself. However, there is no experience of pain, but for sure, one will feel the normal uncomfortable during the treatment process. This feeling of discomfort will be as a result of the involuntary contracting of your muscles. Mostly there is a feel of twitching or buzzing, and others refer it to a deep buzzing feeling in your muscles. However, in the beginning, it feels a little bit shocking and kind of alarming, but as the treatment continues, your body adjusts to the sensation.

However, after the treatment, expect to feel like you had a great work out with accompaniment of muscle fatigue on the areas that got treated the next day. However, the following treatment sessions are less stressful and easier since your muscles are more adjusted and stronger.

How long does the Emsculpt last? Do the patients need to go back for the treatments?

Our lifestyle affects how health significantly; it’s no secret how we choose to live affects how often we visit the doctor. As a result, it’s no different from emscult; this is because patients who adopt a routine of a healthy and active lifestyle maintain the toned body through regular exercise. However, other patients choose to go back to emscult treatment sessions as a way of maintaining their tone body.

The therapist suggests that patients who will adopt doing strength activities and regular exercise will be able to maintain their toned body for quite a long time and probably permanently. However, failure to doing exercise will lead to the muscles starting to diminish as time goes since you are not making use of it. On the other hand, the fat will begin to accumulate back, which means you will need more maintenance sessions to regain a toned body again.

The doctor adds that maintenance treatment sessions get minimal than the initial treatment process. Thus maintenance sessions can go once in a month to once annually basing on the results that the clients desire. Fortunately, the results are seen immediately and gradually over time.

Who are the candidates

Emsculpt is a treatment ideal for everyone who is looking to define and tone their buttocks and abdomen. It works perfectly for individuals who have tried workout programs to acquire their dreamy abs, but it’s not working. So generally, emsculpt is ideally for people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle and diet and also is already physically active.

However, there two groups that should not engage in emsculpt treatment are people with any internal metal such as copper IUD, pacemaker, and metal implants.

The second group is pregnant mothers; however, patients that have surpassed the pregnancy phase can benefit from this program. Expectant mothers can’t possibly go through this treatment because most of them have diastasis recti conditions. Diastasis rect is a pregnancy condition whereby the muscles of the front stomach lose shape due to the forward push of the pregnancy. Therefore emsculpt treatment usually strengthens these muscles and pushes them back together, which may affect the pregnancy.

Body parts that emsculpt can treat

Emsculpt is a treatment which majorly burns fats and strengthens body muscles. FDA clears the device for buttocks and abdomen, but equally, other body parts can significantly benefit from fat metabolism and increase muscle tone.

Therefore most suitable areas for emsculpt treatment include:

  • Upper arms that is the triceps
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks

Cost of Emsculpt

Emsculpt varies in price depending on the doctor you see and also the body part you want to treat. Typically overall, a session of emsculpt treatment ranges from $2000- $4000. A usual treatment comes with four treatment sessions in two weeks for better and effective results.

However, individuals going through this treatment plan get recommended to attend 0maintanance sessions, which will enable to the acquired muscles in shape, the duplicate manner the gym-goers keep going to the gym to uphold their figures.

Potential side effects of Emsculpt

As outlined earlier, naturally, our bodies react to stimuli differently. Therefore when the emsculpt treatment process gets induced, our bodies respond divergently.

For example, very few individual claims that after the treatment, their body feels as if they have been through a quite strenuous workout, and they feel sluggish and fatigued.

However, research shows that emsculpt contraction during the treatment process enables the body to clear any buildup of lactic acid in the muscles. Lactic acid causes muscle soreness; therefore, the emsculpt treatment get rids of it, which in return, inhibits muscle soreness.

After the treatment process, the patient can continue with their regular schedule immediately.

Is Emsculpt safe?

So far, nothing as shown that the device has safety issues yet. However, because the device is new and a high technology machine, there is only little is known about the effect or damage the strong electromagnetic waves could cause to the internal body organs during the process.

However, working your body out to reduce fat buildup and tone the muscles is and eating healthier is a cool method. But if you have tried this and your belly budge can’t disappear, then emsculpt treatment will be worthwhile venturing. Emsculpt will give you immediate results to hyper-maximal muscle contractions without strenuous exercise.

Therefore using the emsculpt method is the best to tone your body and get rid of unnecessary fat. Thus get a free ticket of safe six-pack abs and a well-toned body using the emsculpt method.


Our life is full of busy schedules, and at times we do not have time for enough exercise and workout. Generally, as we age, the less free time we have hence, the more our bodies sometimes get bulky. But the good news is that emscult is here for us. The new high tech device which will help us with body toning and fat burning in only a session of thirty minutes. Generally, the treatment process doesn’t cause muscle cramps; hence our schedules will remain intact even after our treatment process.

In the above article, I have loaded much information on the topic of emscult. In an overview, I have discussed what is emscult, what it entails, how emscult works, the side effect, and the cost of the treatment session. In the other parts of the article, I have discussed how safe the emscult treatment is, the effectiveness of the treatment, and how long a session takes. Therefore I hope the article will be informative, educational and offers what you were finding. Happy reading!

Post time: Sep-06-2022

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