IPL VS Laser, which is better?

IPL VS Laser, it would be simple for anyone to spot the difference between them. We all know that the significant difference between the two is the type of light used. However, not many people know the exact differences between these two hair removal techniques in detail. It is agreed that there are innumerable methods of hair removal but, why is it that people are still relying on two major techniques of hair removal?

Let us understand the difference between these two in detail in this article.


What is IPL hair removal?

The full form of IPL is Intense Pulsed Light, and as the name depicts, the object uses visible light for hair removal. The light in IPL hair removal targets specific areas and helps in removing hair with shorter wavelengths. Many medical experts do not suggest the technique as the heat energy passed through the veins may cause serious damages to the follicles.

What is laser hair removal?

The purpose of using the laser hair removal method is also the same. It heats the hair and spoils the follicle by passing light energy through those. If you have to discuss IPL VS Laser, the major difference to spot is that laser is much controlled and can travel deep down the pores at specific targeted areas.

What is the difference between IPL and laser?

People have their preferences in regard to hair removal methods. However, it is vital to understand the difference between the two and make a decision accordingly. We can divide IPL VS Laser based on four major factors as explained hereunder;

IPL vs Laser Results:

Due to deeper pores and increased longevity offered in laser treatment, it could add as an advantage for the people who would expect less top-up therapy between sessions. On the other side, IPL or any light-based hair removal technique will cause you more top-up treatments in between the sessions so that the hair growth is reduced in intervals.

IPL vs Laser Pain level:

Laser treatments are less painful compared to IPL. It is because, in laser treatment, only a single-pointed beam of light is used to reach and extract hair from specific areas.

IPL vs Laser Treatment time:

The results expected in Laser are quicker as larger areas are covered, and thus, the time of the treatment is shortened. On the other end, due to quick results, the session time taken may be frequent and it may affect sensitive skin types. Thus, those with sensitive skin types or are in no hurry may wish to opt for a laser hair removal option.

IPL vs Laser Cost:

IPL VS Laser, laser hair removal treatment is pricey compared to the former. It is because laser treatments have high price tags on the sessions, and thus people who are budget-conscious opt for IPL.

How to select between IPL and Laser?

As we explained before, IPL could bring you standard results similar to laser treatments; however, you need to regularly follow the instructions post the treatment, as told by your salon. If you wish to save time and sessions, then you know what treatment to go for. On the other side, if you want to save yourself from the pain and expenses, then IPL is the one for you.

Selection would not be confusing if you know your skin type and requirements well. It all depends on what type of service you are looking for and the factors that you give more importance to. For instance, results, pain, time, and money are all the crucial factors that you must consider before choosing the method of hair removal at the salon.

Highlights of IPL hair removal:

  • IPL is widely used to treat hair removal in various skin conditions
  • It is way cheaper and economical compared to laser
  • The technique can be safely practiced on pale or light hair
  • Sessions times are shortened and lesser

Highlights of Laser hair removal:

  • Those people with darker skin mainly use laser treatments
  • The results are compelling and quicker compared to IPL hair removal
  • The sessions could be more compared to IPL
  • It is practiced for specific and precise areas for hair removal

If we have to summarize the difference between the two hair removal treatments, then we must say that your salon and skin expert will be the best person to decide. Based on your hair growth, skin type, and budget, he will suggest you the suitable method. Get yourself an appointment today and ask for an opinion by your skin expert on the same.

Post time: Sep-09-2022

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